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Plugin in WordPress – There are many WordPress plugins available. Every plugin claims to best plugin for WordPress. We have select some best Plugins for WordPress blogs. You will find some great WordPress plugins on this page. WordPress plugins will help you to boost your website speed & performance. WordPress Plugins helps you in SEO, Optimization, Securing, Back-up & many more other activity. We will trust that you surely like the WordPress plugins recommended by us.

Best WordPress Plugins for WordPress – Install These Plugin in WordPress to Boost You Blog/Website

Best WordPress Plugins for WordPress - Plugin In WordPress

Best Plugins for WordPress

1.) WordPress SEO by Yoast – Many SEO plugins for WordPress are available. We recommend to install SEO by Yoast plugin for WordPress to take care all your need. It will create automated better titles, description. By using WordPress SEO we can block duplicate pages (like archive pages) from search engines. We can also add the Meta tags required for search-friendly Google snippets.

2.)W3 Total Cache – Install W3 Total cache plugin in WordPress to optimized page speed. This the best caching plugin for WordPress. It will definitely help to improve site’s page speed. Not only cache, it will optimize the SEO of your website. You can also easily configure the CDN services via this plugin.

3.) Search Regex – This plugin will add the extremely powerful search capabilities in your blog. We can easily find and replace almost any kind of data stored on our site. This data including post titles, description, comments, and Meta data. It also supports the regular expressions.

4.) Redirection – Best WordPress plugin for creating redirection. Redirection require when you change some existing URL of your site. In some case external site liked to non-existing page on your site. In that case, you can create a redirect and sent the traffic to right place.

5.) 404 Email Notifier – 404 pages can take your visitors away from your site. You can notify the 404 pages after installing small plugin in WordPress. This plugin sends an email notification when a visitor reaches to a 404 page on your site. Email messages have all the details like visitor’s IP address, browser (e.g. Mozilla, Chrome etc.). It also shows the referral URL by which they came to your website.

6.) YARRP – Many related posts plugins for WordPress are available. YARRP is a another related post plugin. It will automatically add links of old posts that may be related to the current article content. This way it helps to show your archived posts to search engines.

7.) WP Optimize – The best plugin for WordPress to optimize the database table. This plugin clean-up database table and optimize it. This Plugin can remove the post revisions and all trash/spam comments. It also optimize the MySQL tables to do more efficiently and to consumes less space.

8.) Smart YouTube – This plugin helps you to embed YouTube videos in a blog posts. This plugin use standing videos URL and can customized the embedded player. This Plugin adds a thumbnail in the RSS feed. You can also use this plugin to embed videos from Vimeo and Facebook.

9.) Adminer – You add this plugin in WordPress and you are ready to manage your MySQL databases directly from your WordPress dashboard. By adding this plugin in WordPress, you can browse table & run SQL queries. You can also perform database optimization. It is less complicated than the phpMyAdmin.

10.) Authenticator – We strongly recommend this plugin in WordPress. This plugin will enable 2-steps verification for your WordPress website/blog. This plugin works similar to you Gmail or Dropbox account.

11.) P3 Profiler – Add this plugin in WordPress and see which WordPress plugins are slowing down your site. This Plugin generates a pie chart showing the time taken by each plugin while loading the different pages of your site.

12.) WP-DBManager – Best Plugin for WordPress which helps you to take scheduled or manually backup of your WordPress. All database files will automatically be sent to describe email address at preferred intervals.

13.) Debug Queries – Install this plugin in WordPress and make your website fast. You can use this plugin to decide which queries are taking more time to execute. Since more execution time slowing down your website.

14.) Google XML Sitemaps – This is best plugin for WordPress which generate XML sitemap for your website. You have options to include Posts, Pages, category & Tags also in your sitemap. And every time when you create a page or post, it automatically includes the same in sitemap.

15.) XML Video Sitemap – You are posting your own videos in your blog post? Then install this plugin in WordPress. This plugin will generate XML Sitemap for your blog including all the videos that are embedded in your posts. You can also use XML Sitemap for Mobile and XML Sitemap for Images .

16.) Date in a Nice Tone – Use this plugin for WordPress and you can offer the alternate way to display the dates in your blog posts.  After installing this plugin in WordPress to displays the time – like “a few days ago” or “in the last month” or “over a year ago” depending on when a post or page was published.

17.) SyntaxHighlighter Evolved – Use this plugin in WordPress to embed the codes in your posts. This plugin will help you to highlight the source code with syntax in different colors. This will give the more comfortable reading to visitors. It will support popular programming languages.

18.) Bing 404 – Another great plugin for WordPress which show related post on a 404 post/page. If someone reaches on a 404 page on your website and you had not enable redirection for that page, this plug-in will automatically display links of relevant article on that error page.

19.) WP-Associatizer – Use this Plugin in WordPress for automatically rewrites the Amazon URLs in your posts and use your Amazon Associates ID.

20.) Template Tag SC – WordPress offers many template tags like – wp_tag_cloud() or wp_list_pages(). You can use all these tags in your WordPress theme files. Install this plugin in WordPress to insert the different template tags directly in your blog posts or pages using the short codes.

21.) Limit Login Attempts – Again a best plugin for WordPress to secure you Blog/Website. This plugin logs the IP address with exact time & date, when a user is trying to log into your WordPress. This plugin will also keep the track of unsuccessful login attempts. You can lock out users after specific number of unsuccessful login attempts.

22.) Threat Scan – Install this plugin for WordPress to verify any kind of suspicious activities. If you have ever notice any kind of suspicious activity on your WordPress site, use this plugin to automatically scan your PHP files. This plugin will also scan your WordPress database for any suspicious code that may have been injected through the backdoor.

23.) AssetsMinify – Use this plugin in WordPress for SEO for your Blog. As per Google Page Speed guidelines, reduce the size/numbers of files that are downloaded during a page loaded. You can use this plugin to compress and combine all the CSS and JavaScript files to make your website faster.

We recommended the best plugins for WordPress but chances are that we may forget to mention some other best plugins for WordPress. Please see our website for more interesting posts on WordPress plugins.

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