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Web Hosting is one of the main feature for running a website. There are many Hosting for WordPress are available including free web hosting, shared web hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers and managed Web hosting. Most of the hosting providers give discount for hosting WordPress with them. There are few feature you must take care before taking a decision about WordPress hosting.

Before we start discussing about the Best Hosting for WordPress, we should know that what are the minimum requirement best WordPress Hosting should have.

Minimum Requirement You Should Check Before Selecting Hosting for WordPress

WordPress is very-light weight script and have very minimum requirement. WordPress are supported by almost all web hosting providers. But before selecting the best hosting for WordPress you should check the following:

1.) PHP version 5.2.4 or greater

2.) MySQL version 5.0 or greater

Above is the only need to select hosting for WordPress. In addition to above, we recommend to check the extra requirement as follows:

1.) Apache or Ngnix server is better but any server that support PHP & MySQL will do.

Things To Considered Before Selecting Web Hosting For WordPress 

In our recommendation list almost all web hosting provider support hosting for WordPress. Some of them also give special discount & features to host WordPress.

Everybody knows that server reliability is the most important factor. If your hosting provider is reliable, your website be online always. Email or Phone support is also required from the web hosting company.

It is also essential to choose the web hosting for Search Engine Optimization prospective also.

You needs also plays an important role to select WordPress hosting.

So the 3 main factors which decide the Best WordPress Hosting are:-

1.) Web Hosting reliability/ reputation.

2.) Web Hosting for SEO

3.) Your Needs

Best WordPress Hosting (For Reputation & Reliability)

There are numbers of web hosting providers for WordPress. There are some best WordPress hosting provider also which claimed to be number 1 but they are not.

WordPress had declared the BlueHost & DreamHost as their official hosting provider. They are reliable and reputed but very expensive also.

If we want to compare the hosting for WordPress, There are other name also. These names are GoDaddy and Hostgator. They are equivalent to BlueHost & DreamHost and comparatively cheep also.

If we have a chance to rank them, our ranking would be as below:

1.) GoDaddy / Hostgator

2.) DreamHost

3.) BlueHost

Hosting For WordPress (For SEO of your site)

As we told earlier in our blog, server location is also matters to target a country. Here is Matt Cutt’s head of Google Webspam video about geographic server location of a website. You can consider the server location also for deciding hosting for WordPress.

After seeing the video you can easily understand that how a server location is matters for SEO. So if you want to target some county then try to host your website in that country. Major hosting companies like Godaddy, Hostgator, DreamHost & others also provides the country specific hosting.

Before purchasing a hosting plan you can contact them for the prices since price may vary depending on the country.

Your Needs to Select Hosting For WordPress

Hosting For WordPress

How to select best hosting for WordPress

There are many web hosting providers in the world. Everyone offers a best and unique plan for hosting website including hosting for WordPress.  You send hundreds of dollars for website hosting and if you know your exact needs, you can save money.

There are many types of web hosting available for WordPress including Free WordPress Hosting, Shared WordPress Hosting, WordPress VPS Hosting, WordPress Dedicated Server &  Managed WordPress Hosting. We can explaining all these below so that you can select as per your needs.

Free Hosting For WordPress:  Free WordPress Hosting

There are many companies which are providing free WordPress hosting. There may some limit on the storage and data transfer per month. You can see the sites which are providing free hosting  for WordPress. These free hosting are unreliable and stop there service at any time. They can leave you at any point of time, we had see in many forum that they stop service when your site start getting more visits in a day. They claimed to be sever having 99.9% up-time but in actual it is not true. We recommend you think thrice before starting a professional website on free hosting.

Shared Hosting for WordPress

Sharing WordPress Hosting is the most popular type of WordPress hosting. WordPress beginner can be start from shared WordPress hosting from any of the reputed and reliable source. In shared WordPress hosting, many sites are hosted on the same server. Prices are very affordable in the case of shared web hosting since one server is serving many websites. We had seen there is only one catch unlimited. Actually there is no unlimited thing, there may be some restriction on the server load. If you website start getting lots of visitors they many force you to upgrade your hosting plan. If they will not this step, this can have negative effect on the other website hosted on the same server. As your business grow, you overhead will also grow.

VPS Hosting for WordPress

VPS (Virtual Private Server) refers to a virtual machine.In VPS a physical server (computer) is divided into multiple servers to meet the individual customer’s need. In VPS, you are sharing the server with many other but still you have almost as much control as a dedicated server. VPS has the privacy of an individual separate physical computer. VPS can also be configured to run specific server software’s.

Mostly the developers, intermediate users and medium-sized bloggers utilize VPS to scale their websites. To manage VPS technical knowledge is must. If you do NOT have any technical knowledge, we recommend purchasing a managed VPS. In managed VPS, hosting provider will manage all the software and server updates as per your requirement

Dedicated Server for WordPress

Dedicated server as the name suggested is a dedicated server for single website. You can lease a dedicated server from any of the web hosting company. This allow you to have control over software & hardware your server have. No WordPress beginner needs a dedicated server. In case you need a dedicated server and don’t have any experience handling server. We recommend you to buy a manged dedicated server. In managed dedicated server, a full time server administrator is provided to manage all your server needs. Any software or hardware requirement including any system upgrade.

Managed Hosting for WordPress

Popularity of WordPress is increasing day by day and same as number of WordPress sites. Now, few of the web hosting providers start providing managed WordPress Hosting. In managed WordPress hosting, users are only allowed to host the WordPress website and nothing else.

In manged WordPress hosting, you need not be worry about anything. Optimizing your site performance, making your website secure and regular back-up will be responsibility of the service provider. Manged WordPress hosting is the best suited hosting option for a beginner.

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