Best WordPress Plugins: 7 Best WordPress Plugin Must For WordPress

So many WordPress plugins are available for download and all claims to be best. It is really difficult and time consuming process to find the best WordPress Plugins for your website. Let me help you to select the best WordPress Plugin. Today we bring some of the best WordPress plugins for your with the review, feature and comparison with same group of plugin. Now, you can easily choose best suited plugin for your WordPress.

Best WordPress Plugins

Some Plugins claims to be best and start charging for their plugins. They called they plugin premium WordPress Plugin but this is not true. Still many of the best WordPress plugins are free for you. We discuss only free WordPress plugins for your website on the basis of their use.

1.) Best WordPress Plugins for WordPress SEO

Two Plugins “WordPressSEO” by Yoast and “All-in-one-SEO-pack” best suits for your requirement  Both plugins are free and best of the SEO for your blog or Website. You can download WordPress SEO here and All-in-one-SEO-pack here.

Best WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins for SEO

Both Plugins have the same feature and you select only one. We recommend “WordPress SEO” by Yoast as best WordPress Plugin for SEO with following reasons.

1.) It shows snippet for search engine result.

2.) It will check keyword density for given keyword and advice the necessary steps to be taken.

3.) It will also give you the page analysis result inducing ease of use, character limits for title, description, word count and many more things.

4.) It also advice for stop words.

5.) Plugin also has the advance tool for robots, canonical link, 301 redirect, site map priority etc.

6.) You can enter separate for Facebook & Google+.

7.) Final & Most important thing. You don’t need to install or maintain sitemap. This plugin will automatically update sitemaps as you publish post or create category or tag.

2.) Best WordPress Plugins for Site Performance

In this category we have two best options. One is “WP Super Cache” & another is “W3 Total Cache”. Both are best and reduce the loading time of your WordPress pages.  You can download WP Super Cache Here and W3 Total Cache Here.

WP super cache provides simple options to control & manage but very effective. On the other hand W3 Total Cache is for advance use, you can choose any one plugin from these two plugin. Both are the best WordPress Plugin and doing very good for Beginner & advance user.

3.) Best WordPress Plugins to Prevent SPAM on your Website

We recommend the two best Plugin for your website that can control the spam on your website.

First one is “Cookies of Comments”. This plugin maintain cookies for comments from visitors and prevent spam comments in very effective way. You can review & download the plugin here.

Second one is SI CAPTCHA. This plugin will active the captcha values for every comments or Login pages. You can download the plugin here.

You can activate the both plugin at the same time.

4.) Best WordPress Plugins for Advance Editing

In this category we have one plugin “Ultimate- tinyMEC” and it stands far ahead from the other plugins in case of enhancing the editing feature. This plugin will give so many extra features for editing a WordPress post. We strongly recommend that every webmaster will install this plugin. This is the best WordPress Plugin for editing and you can download it here.

5.) Best WordPress Plugin for Google Libraries 

Another best WordPress Plugin that will allows your site to use common javascript libraries from Google’s AJAX Libraries CDN, rather than from WordPress’s own copies. you can download the plugin here.

6.) Best WordPress Plugins for sitemaps

If you had chosen the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin, you don’t need to worry about sitemaps since this plugin will also take care about the sitemap automatically.

But if you had chosen some other plugin, you can install Google Sitemap Generator Here.

7.) Best WordPress Plugin for WordPress Data Backup

A plugin that automatically back-up your WordPress data and sent you through E-mail on your scheduled timing. You can download & install the plugin from here.

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