How to Make Windows 8 Faster For Gaming & Work Than Other Windows

How to make Windows 8 faster for gaming & work: Windows 8 boot faster & use low memory than previous windows versions. Still some windows 8 users experience performance issue like slow speed. Like other versions windows 8 also have some settings which really make windows 8 work more faster than ever. You need to optimize some settings for better performance. Now, lets start with the settings to optimize the windows 8 to work faster.

1.) Make Windows 8 Faster With System Configuration

Press Window Key + R (Win+R) to open the run prompt. Now type the msconfig and press enter.

How To Make Windows 8 Faster With System Configuration

How To Make Windows 8 Faster With System Configuration

Now System configuration will open & then click on services. After clicking services a list of all services on your system will open. At the bottom “check” hide all Microsoft services. This will hide all service related from Microsoft required for windows operation. Now you are left with 3rd party services. Now you unchecked the services which you not required on daily basis (In my case, they are media players, AutoCAD, Itunes & so many). Click on apply & then press OK. A prompt will appear click on “restart later”.

“Restart Later” is required since you can restart at once after making all settings.

2.) Make Windows 8 Faster by Disabling Animations (Performance Optimization)

Windows 8 & Windows 7 uses animations while opening, closing, minimizing & maximizing application windows. These animations make windows 8 eye-candy but effect system performance. You can easily disable windows 8 animations for fast windows transitions.

Make Windows 8 Faster By Performance Optimization

Make Windows 8 Faster By Performance Optimization

Simply right click on My Computer and select Properties. Now click on Advance System Settings, then under Advanced Tab, in Performance click on Settings.

Alternatively, you can open the search pan & find SystemPerformaceProperties. Same window will open.

Now un-check Animate Windows while minimizing & maximizing windows. Uncheck Fade or slide menus into view. Uncheck Fade or slide ToolTips in to view. Now click on apply & then OK. Now you feel faster window opening & closing.

You can also select Adjust for best performance but windows 8 will lost all its beauty for icons & folder shapes to optimize performance.

3.) Make Windows 8 Faster by Pinpoint Apps Using More Resources

You can easily pinpoint the program with the help on windows 8 task manager. Windows 8 task manager highlight the resources, which are using more resource.

To open task manager press CTRL + ALT + DEL. Now a MENU window will open & select Task Manager.

Make Windows 8 Faster With Task Manager

Make Windows 8 Faster With Task Manager

You can see the highlighted resource using the memory in above image. If they are not necessary then you can select the resource & click on End Task. For the old Windows Task Manager you can click on details.

4.) Make Windows 8 Faster With Built-in Security Programs

Windows 8 have built in security programs like antivirus & firewall.  Antivirus name is change to Window Defender & it basically have the same features link Microsoft Security Essential.

If you install any third party software then windows defender will stop automatically. You can also used build in Firewall instead of using another firewall. You can access the both features by entering the control panel.

5.) Make Windows 8 Faster by Managing Start-up Programs

Open the Task Manager as suggested in above steps. Now click on Start-up Tab.

Now a list of all program will open which use resources during start-up. You can also see the impact on start-up process and enable/disable status. 

Make Windows 8 Faster By Managing Start-up Programs

Make Windows 8 Faster By Managing Start-up Programs

In my case, you can see Acro Tray, Google Installer & so many other items which have high or medium impact & don’t required while start-up. If you are in office or not use your laptop to listen, you can also disable Audio also during start-up. If you need or click any program which required any of these programs. These program will automatically start to support file. By disabling these program, you start-up will become smooth & fast.

6.) Make Windows 8 Faster by Modifying Power Settings

Windows Power settings use Default Balanced Mode settings for Power saving. In default settings, Windows 8 will reduce CPU speed when maximize speed not required to save the power. Windows 8 also use power settings to check prioritization for battery life & performance. To increase the performance you CPU speed is compromised. You can use High Performance Mode instead of Default Balanced Mode. In High Performance Mode, you CPU will run at full speed all time and CPU speed never reduced.

However this step is necessarily not a good step. Only High-performance gaming PC or PC having additional load can use this settings. If you are doing web browsing & other small load task, this settings can be avoided. It will not make sense to run the CPU on full load at all time & also this will generate additional heat.

You can use any plan expect Power Saver. This plan is only used when you want to take extra output from your laptop battery.

Make Windows 8 Faster With Power Management Settings

Make Windows 8 Faster With Power Management Settings

Go to your Control Panel & then System & security. After that click on Change Battery Settings under Power Options. Now select the best power options suited for you. You can also click on Change Plan Settings & then on Change Advance Power Settings. Here you can optimize the settings on battery running & AC plug-in.

7.) Make Windows 8 Faster By Optimizing Your Hard Drive

By default windows 8 have in-build has defragment and optimization tool for hard drive. You can access the tool by entering in to your control panel. After entering Control Panel, click on System & Security then Administrative Tools & select Defragment & Optimize Drive.

By Default windows 8 will optimize the drive one in a week. If your moving your file to frequently, then may me you need to use this tool. You can click on analyze after selecting the drive to check that optimization is required or not.

Make Windows 8 Faster by Optimizing The Hard Drive

Make Windows 8 Faster by Optimizing The Hard Drive

8.) Make Windows 8 Faster By Controlling Windows Indexing 

Windows 8 have indexing service which with automatically index the file location for quick search. Windows indexing will allow us to quick file search without waiting. Indexing files use CPU speed. It can be more if you frequently changes the file location. You can reduce the CPU seed by disabling the windows indexing.

To control the windows indexing press the Windows key +R and now type services.msc in the box appeared and press enter. Now a list of all computer services will open. Find the Window Search & after right-click select Properties. Now a new windows will open, & you have to select disabled from drop down menu. Now click on Apply & then on OK.

This will stop indexing of all file location while may affect on your search query. This step is not advisable if you usually use search to find the file locations. You can only disable windows indexing only if your are not using search feature.

Make Windows 8 Faster By Controlling Windows Indexing

Make Windows 8 Faster By Controlling Windows Indexing

Instead of stopping entire indexing you can also choose the folder on which indexing can done only. For this search indexing in search box, select settings & then indexing option. By default windows will index entire user folder and you can modify it by selecting the desired folder. You can exclude the folder with large number of files and are frequently changes.

Indexing Options for Windows 8

Indexing Options for Windows 8

9.) Make Windows 8 Faster by Putting Your Computer To Sleep

Windows 8 use shut down button in hidden menu since Microsoft wants that you will use Sleep instead of Shut Down. When we use sleep mode our computer will use very low power so that our programs & files keep alive in computer RAM. When we open the computer again it will immediately recover from the sleep mode. Using sleep mode instead of shut down can increasing the computer speed.

You will find the option under charms bar. Take mouse courser in right bottom corner & click on settings when a hidden charms bar come. After clicking settings click on Power & select Sleep.

10.) Make Windows 8 Faster By Avoiding Unnecessary Options in Folder Options

File Explorer of Windows 8 shows so many unnecessary information which may not be required every time. To show this information windows 8 will use system resource.  These feature will use very small resources by for system having so may file can have impact due to this also. to disable this you can do the following.

(a) Open the Windows Explorer (eg. My Computer), Now select View ribbon, Then select Options under view.

(b) Now a new window with Folder Options will come. Click on View Tab & Un-check the things in next step.

(c) Un-check the following

Display File Size Information in Folder Tips.

Hide Empty Drives in Computer Folder.

Hide extension for known file types.

Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color.

Show pop up description for & desktop items.

Now click on Apply & then click on OK to close folder options.

Make Windows 8 Faster by Avoiding Folder Options

Make Windows 8 Faster by Avoiding Folder Options

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