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There are so many websites having great content but still not getting the good traffic. If you check website traffic of  some website, they are not having the great content but managing great website traffic.

Today we bring a small but very useful trick to increase the website traffic rank of your site. we will explain this for the WordPress, Blogger, Joomla & your website also.

Website Traffic

Boost Your Website Traffic

Get Good website traffic by a small trick (For WordPress)

Every one aware as you update or post something in WordPress, WordPress will send automatic Ping to some website using Ping-o-matic service and ping search engine to get website traffic by notifying search engine. This is the WordPress great advantage WordPress use only 1 URL to perform the ping and i.e. for website traffic.

But you can add so many other URL’s to take more advantage from this services. You can also increase the visibility of your website also.

Below are some links which you have to add to the update service of WordPress



How to add this list in to update service of WordPress to get website traffic

1.) Go to your Dashboard and then Settings & then click writing.

2.) Now under update server, you see that one link is already their add the above link to that list after that link one per line and save. Now whenever you post or update any post this will send ping to other added site also to get website traffic and update your site.

Ping for blogger and other website to get website traffic.

1.) Just go on and then add your blog name, website and RSS, if you have. Select the services and then hit Ping.

You are done! This is the easy way to get notify by the search engine  and having good website traffic easily.

Hope you like this article to boost you website traffic.

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