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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is a technique to optimize the content of a website to improve its position in search result. Only Natural, Organic & Algorithmic way to increase the volume & quality of traffic is called as Search Engine Optimization. Actually, Search Engine Optimization will increase the ranking of website in search result which automatically increase the website traffic.

There are to type Search Engine Optimization techniques. One is White HAT SEO & another is Black HAT SEO.

White HAT SEO is the technique which are acceptable by every search engine and Black HAT is the technique that are not liked by search engines.

White HAT SEO also has two hands i.e. ON-page SEO & OFF-Page SEO. In this article we will discuss about White HAT, ON-Page SEO.

How to Become an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert and Optimize Your Website?

On-page SEO technique means those optimization trick which we can do with editing the content. Off-Page tricks are those tricks which have no relation with the page (like link building & sharing).

See below tricks to optimize your website content and get better ranking in search result.

1.) Title, Meta Description & Meta Keywords for Search Engine Optimization

Everybody know that title, meta description & meta keywords are first thing to optimize the website content. Major search engine limit the Title to 65 characters (including Space & Special Characters). Meta Description & Keywords are limited to 160 characters & 10 comma separated words. Google had already cleared that they will not give any preference to Meta Keywords but other search engine do. So using meta keyword is beneficial since Google also not levied any penalty to use them also.

Use the Keyword in the beginning of the title is good for Search Engine Optimization. Use the shorter sentence in the Meta Description with no repetitive words.

2.) Permalink Structure for SEO  

Another important thing for SEO is the permalink structure of your page or post. For example you want to optimize your page for “search engine optimization” you can choose your permalink like This link is preferred by the search engine. If your are using WordPress, you can adopt custom permalink /%post_id%/%postname%. This is the best permalink structure for SEO.

3.) Keyword Density & Character Limit for Good SEO Optimized Page

Ideal keyword density of your keyword should be estimated around 1.5% to 4.5% maximum. You have to take care that keyword density should be between these limits. Also, it is recommended that a page should minimum have 300 words and maximum up to 1000. In any case if your page is exceeding 1000 words, split it in two page as a good SEO practice.

4.) Outbound Link & Use of Image for Search Engine Optimization

You always write a article and didn’t give any insert any outbound link in it. We suggest you to please insert at-least one do-follow outbound link from your page. Always try to give this outbound link from the your targeted keyword. This practice is liked by the search engine & they will give you high ranking.

Use at-least one image in your post and put your targeted keyword in “Alt” tag of image. This will give you additional point for ranking in SERP.

5.) Page Load Speed for Search Engine Optimization

Google has clear that they are considering page load speed also in ranking factor. Fast loading page will enhance the user experience. So don’t use flash and heavy scaled images on your page to speed up your page load time. You can check your page speed load time on Google Insights, GT Matrix & Pingdom.

This tools also provide you the suggestion to optimize the page size to speed-up your page load time.

On-Page & Off-Page Search Engine Optimization - SEO

On-Page & Off-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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