What is Privacy Policy? Why to Develop Privacy Policy?

What is Privacy Policy? How to Implement & Use Privacy Policy?

Yesterday my friend had asked me about privacy policy. He questioned me that what is privacy policy? How he can implement & use the privacy policy of his website?

So we decided to answer his question in one of our post. In this article we will discuss about the privacy policy of a website.

What is Privacy Policy?

Privacy Policy is a legal document or legal statement made in accordance with privacy law. Privacy policy for a website defines that how a website gathers, uses, discloses and manage the client’s data. Personal information can be anything like your name, address, contact details, date of birth, material status, etc. It can also be anything you use or share with that particular website.

What is Privacy Policy

What is Privacy Policy

Why to develop Privacy Policy for your website?

Privacy policy clearly communicate about the personal information handling practices of a website or blog. It will enhance the transparency of the personal information handling operations. Privacy Policy will also give better understanding that what personal information a website holds and the way they handles the information.

Why Privacy Policy must for your website?

Privacy law is applicable in many countries including USA, UK, Canada & others. Accordingly to this law, website owners clearly define that how they gathered the information and how they handle gathered information. Privacy Policy is must for a government or any personal website or blog.  Privacy Policy is also required even if you are an individual and having a website for your business only.

You can clearly indicate that you not gathered any personal information from user. If you are taking some personal but not sharing it any when you can define the same.

Some time you will use third party ads (like adsense) or third party software or plugin on your website. They can also gathered the information from your website users and can us them in future. So it is also necessary that you can declare that what you are using and how they can gathered & share the information collected by t hem.

So in this article we had explained that What is Privacy Policy?

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