Where to Get Domain Name- Tips for Domain Name Registration

Domain name is every essential for a website. Some times people make a blog on WordPress or Blogger and call it their website. If you want a strong presence on internet then you should go for domain name registration. Domain name registration is easy and any individual can register a domain name. You should not need to register as a company or organisation to register a domain name. Now, questions comes in mind that where to get domain name? and what is characteristic for a good domain? we will answer all these question in our tutorial. We will give you tips for domain name registration and also suggest from where to get domain name.

Importance of Domain Name Registration – Where to Get Domain Name

We can give you few good reasons for domain name registration and they are:

  • For a website two things are required & they are web-hosting and domain name. Suppose you had changed your web hosting company for some reasons (like expensive service). You still have your domain name (www.example.com) with you and you can direct this to any other web-hosting company. You regular visitors type the same name and can see you website without knowing that you had changed you web hosting.
  • A domain name gives credibility to a company. You can show you products, customer lists and many more things to impress new customers. Sometimes people will not like to do a business with a company which doesn’t have its website.
  • You can get a good name that describe your product. For example, you are providing dry cleaning services in a city and some one search for dry cleaning in search engine. There are chances that your domain name will come in search result if your domain is your product related.
  • You can get the email@yourdomainname.com instead of using free email services. This gives an good impression to new customers.

Apart from above their are so many other advantage to get a domain name.

Where To Get Domain Name For Your Business

Now question comes from where to get domain name for your business. There are so many domain name registrar in the world and how to select the best.

Where To Get Domain Name - Domain Name Registration

Where To Get Domain Name

First thing you have to consider for domain name registration that registrar has a good reputation and having long past experience in registration services. You can select any registrar in the world. Registrar location will not matter, only thing matter that registrar is providing support services in your area or not.

You can get a domain name starting from USD 10 to USD35 or more depending on domain extension like .com, .net , .us or many more.

Some of the well known domain registrar in world are:

Godaddy: – Godaddy is the biggest domain name registrar in the world with so many domain name registration. Godaddy will provide 1 free Email, DNS management & some many services free with every domain name. You can use Godaddy promo code “WOWwebburr” (without colon) to get minimum 20% discount on all purchases. Now GoDaddy is giving free domain name with every hosting package. If you buy a hosting for 2 years you will get a domain name registration for 2 years absolutely free. GoDaddy is the answer of your problem (where to get domain name).

Other Popular Registrar are NameCheap, 1&1 Internet , DreamHost  & Name.com.

Tips For Domain Name Registration – Choose Best Domain For Your Business

1.) For International presence buy .com, .org & .net domain. If your business is limited to some county they buy country TLDs like .us for united states, .ca for Canada, .in for India & co.uk for United Kingdom.

Suppose some .com, .org, .net, .us & .in pages for different websites are same, having similar back link & authority. Now if a person search from us then .us page will come 1st followed by .com and others. If a person from India search the .in page will come 1st & then .com followed by others. If a person from Canada will search .com page will come 1st followed by other. A country TLD is always preferred to show the result in that country.

2.) Choose small name without hyphens. If your are selling some product try to include that word in your domain name. This will give you additional ranking.

3.) Avoid numbers in domain name & choose a domain name easy to remember.

Hope our tutorial will help you to choose good domain name & solve your problem (where to get domain name).

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