How to Track Android Phone With Free Android Tracking Apps after lost

How to track android phone?  And what about “Tracking an android Phone after lost or stolen?” Yes, you can track android phone even after they lost or stolen. Our tutorial will help you to track android phone if lost and you had not install any tracking app on it. There are so many apps which you can be install on your phone to get update when it lost or stolen. Don’t worry if you had not install any tracking app still you can do so many things with your lost android phone. You can read SMS, Lock the Phone, Wipe the Phone, Send Pop-up Message on phone, Transfer your calls and many more on your lost android phone. We will explain more features in detail in this tutorial.

Update: On August 2, 2013 Google has announced a new device manger to track the android phone even after lost. You can see the official announcement here. Also, read this for detailed steps to use the new device manager to track android phone.

We will tell you about other free android apps that you can install on your phone to track. Also, we explain you how to track android phone after lost or stolen?

How To Track Android Phone After Lost or Stolen With Android Lost

Track Android Phone with is web based free application to find lost android phones only. You can install this app even after your phone was lost or stolen. Main feature of this app that you can install this app remotely on your phone. App will be install on your lost android phone using Google App Store, remotely via web. You can also use this web app when you misplaced your phone while it is on silent. This app has a feature of remote control alarm. Your phone will give an alarm after using this app.

How to Track Android Phone Lost or Stolen

How to Track Android Phone Lost or Stolen

You can read all SMS coming on your phone & also view it location on Map. You can Lock the phone, Wipe the Phone & transfer you calls. If you had lost your phone in public, you can use its text to speech feature to make announcement on phone. This app will have another interesting feature of taking picture with front camera. After taking the picture this app will send picture with already pre-configured email address. To read more features, please go here.

To use this app you android phone will be running minimum 2.2 or greater and Google play is must. For any other question, please go here.

Track Android Phone With Plan B 

Track Android Phone with PLAN B. Plan B is another Android app to Track Android Phone after lost. This app works in similar way as You can also install this app even after you phone was lost or stolen. You can do many thing like show location on map, wipe/delete phone data & other like Android Lost.

Another Google Play Android Apps to Track Android Phone

Track Android Phone with Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid – is another free android app for tracking android phone. You have to install this app before android phone lost/stolen. This apps has main feature of GPS location. This app will GPS connection to track android phone. With the help of GPS it will get the phone location co-ordinate & mark it on Google Map to show phone location.

This app will also give notification about SIM card change or Number change with many more other features.

Track Android Phone With Tracking Apps

Track Android Phone With Tracking Apps

Track Android Phone with SeekDroid

Seekdroid app comes in free as well paid version to track android phone. Free version have all the option to track phone location, lock/wipe phone data, SMS activation, hide from view mode and GPS enabling features. You can also receive recent call logs in free version.

The Pro (paid) version had a monthly subscription fee and you can get the mobile location history on map. You can also use this app to watch on your children or siblings.

Track Android Phone With AntiDroidTheft

AntiDroidTheft is another free app to track an android phone. This app track the android phone via GPS. This app also track the changes made to the phone SIM card. You can also view the pictures taken by the phone through the web. You can watch this youtube video that how this app track an lost android phone.

Track Android Phone with Cerberus 

Cerberus comes in free & pro version. Free version only last long for a week. For Pro version you have to pay a monthly subscription fees. You can do everything with the cerberus. You can put your phone on remote alarm trigger and track it via GPS. Remotly you can lock the phone & wipe out all the data on internal storage or SD card. You can receive the alert about the SIM change. You can also record the audio using microphone. You can use the pro version up to 5 device under same account.

Track Android Phone with Antivirus Programs

There are so many free antivirus program in Google Play store by which you can track an lost android phone. Some of the best antivirus program to track android phone are below.

Track Android Phone with Lockout Security & Antivirus

Lockout security & antivirus protects you android from antivirus & also from theft. It comes in free & monthly paid subscription. You can show your phone location on Google Map & Sound a loud alarm (even if your android on silent mode). This app will also show you the last location, in case of battery is drained.

Track Android Phone with AVG Antivirus

AVG antivirus is absolutely free for android mobile phones. This antivirus has maximum number of installations. You can protect you phone with virus and also track your lost android phone. You can track the location of your phone on Google Map. You can also lock your mobile screen via SMS. You can also set a lock screen message which helps the phone locator to finds you.

Track Android Phone with Avast Antivirus

Avast works as an antivirus program & as well as mobile security. Avast is free for android phones & tablets. Anti-theft features of these antivirus are hidden and works well. You can remotely control this program via SMS command sends from other phone. You can use web browser to track the android phone/ send the command over web browser.

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