How to Make a Website – Create a Website Without HTML Knowledge

How to make a website without knowing HTML/PHP & CSS? Today we explain you that how to make a website without any knowledge of website designing. Everyone is not an expert in website designing even if  he/she is computer graduate. Website designing require knowledge of at-least HTML/PHP/XML with CSS & so many other things. Now a question surely comes in your mind that so many things are required for website designing then how to make a website without any knowledge.

There are so many ways to learn how to make website. We can easily create a website without knowing anything about the web designing. We require 3 things to make a website.

1.) Domain Name – (Which is your name & show your presence on internet.)

2.) Web Hosting – (Where you can store your webpages, images and document.)

3.) Website Builder – (Which helps you to make webpages for your website. Free website builder are available.)

Some people don’t want to spend one penny to make a website for those we advice to create on blog on Blogspot or WordPress. only the difference is that you got a name “” or “” in placeof

Now we start the step by step guide to make a website.

1.) Domain Name To Make a Website

First and most important thing that you required a domain name to make a website. You domain name is your identity and people will recognize you with your domain name. You have to link you domain name with your website hosting. It is very simple, your web hosting company with give you either Name Server Or CName Or A record. You only have to any these record to your DNS Manager of your domain and you are done. Entering record in DNS manager will take less than 60 seconds.

A Domain registration charges varies from USD 10 to USD 35 from registrar to registrar. You can buy from .com, .org, .net, .in, .it, .de and many more. We recommend to buy country TLDs like .us(United States), .in (India), .it (Italy), if you are selling product in your country only. Country TLDs are preferred for search engine for queries made from that country.

There are so many Domain Name Registration Companies in the World. We recommend that you check they are providing DNS manger with Domain Purchase or Not. We recommend, the largest Domain name registrar in World.

GoDaddy will provide you DNS manager & 1 Free Email with every domain purchase. You can use coupon WOWwebburr to get 20% discount on all your purchases.

How to Make a Website

How to Make a Website

2.) Web Hosting To Make a Website

Web Hosting is another essential component to make a website. Web Hosting company should be reliable and provide you maximum up-time guarantee. There are so many web hosting providers also in world. we again recommend, for their excellent service. Use the Coupon Code WOWwebburr to get a discount on web hosting also.

GoDaddy is now providing a free domain name with every purchase of web-hosting package. If you buy a hosting package for 2 years GoDaddy will provide you domain name for 2 years absolutely free.

It is always better to buy both domain name & hosting from the same company. Please check the locking period for both domain name & hosting before buying.

3.) How to Make a Website With Website Builder

We already explained the domain name is required for your identity and web hosting to store your website pages. Domain is linked with hosting to show the website. Now question comes that how to make webpages?

You have 2 options either use website builder or install WordPress from Godaddy will provide 1 click WordPress installation. If you want to install the WordPress then buy WordPress compatible hosting only. After installing the WordPress simply create your page by typing the contact as email editor of any email service provider (Like Gmail or Yahoo). So many free themes are also available to design your website and improve your website look.

Another option to make website is use of a free website builder. So many Free and paid website builder are available on internet. Wix is a free website builder from which you can create beautiful website. So many free templates are available and configure the design. Wix is free but if you need some premium functionality then you have to upgrade to paid version. You can see the free templates here. In case you need more help on how to create a website with Wix, Go Here.

Hope you like our tutorial “How to make a website?” ans surely create a beautiful website for you.

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