How To Increase Alexa Rank Fast, Improve Alexa Ranking Quickly

How to increase alexa rank fast & quickly: There are so many ways to measure success of a website/blog. Alexa traffic page rank & Google page rank  are two most popular methods. If your alexa ranking is high, you can use some tricks to lower your alexa ranking fast. Before proceeding to tricks to increase alexa ranking, you have to understand that what is alexa ranking and  how it is calculated?

What is Alexa Ranking & How Alexa Ranking & Calculated?

Alexa define them as “Web Information Company”. Alexa rank every blog or website on the basis of their traffic in last 90 days. The Alexa traffic ranking start from 1 (highest traffic) to millions. They also provide a traffic rank globally & country wise. Also you can see the information about ranking on the basis of last 30 days traffic. Alexa rank updated on daily basis for last 90 days traffic. measure only those visitors which passes through their system only. This is really unfair mean for giving the ranking on the basis of traffic. This means either you have to install Alexa widget on your blog or Alexa toolbar in your browser to track traffic.

Ways to Increase Alexa Rank Fast & Quickly

Since alexa measure traffic that passes their system only, we have to install the system supported by alexa. After installing these system alexa will count every visitor on your side and give you high traffic ranking.

1.) Install the Alexa Rank Widget to Increase Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank Widget is most important tool to increase Alexa Rank. So many visitors visiting your website but many of them are not passing through alexa system. In other words alexa is not able to track/monitor visitor coming to your website. You can  install alexa rank widget on your website so that alexa can track every visitor on your side. This widget show your current traffic rank & also count visitors coming on your website. After installing this widget, every visitor will counted by alexa and you will get accurate & high ranking.

You can get your Alexa Traffic Widget from here:

2.) Install Alexa Toolbar to Increase Alexa Ranking

Alexa Toolbar is different from alexa widget. Alexa widget is for your website and alexa toolbar is monitor your activity. As we explain above that alexa will measure rank on the basis on incoming hits coming through their system. You frequently visiting your website for moderating, editing, updating or publishing new content or comments. These visit also count as a traffic source.

You can install alexa toolbar from here:

How to Increase Alexa Rank Fast and Quickly

How to Increase Alexa Rank Fast and Quickly

3.) Encourage Others to Use Alexa Toolbar to Increase Alexa Ranking

May your friend & relative visiting your website frequently for latest updates. You may also have subscriber via email for latest updates. You can also have some authors or editors on your blog. You can encourage all  to use the alexa toolbar so that alexa will count them as traffic source while they visit your website.

4.) Verify your website with Alexa To Increase Alexa Ranking

You need to verify your website with alexa. Alexa verification is similar like Google or Bing webmaster verification. Go to & type your website. Now click on claim this website. Now many options will come for verification like with meta tag or html file. Choose the method as you like and verify the website with alexa.

5.) Write or Blog About Alexa 

It is always better to link to the same or high quality content to rank higher. We recommend you to write about alexa and link to Any person who will search about alexa will come to your side if your content is unique & useful. Again this will help you in increasing the traffic and alexa rank also.

6.) Comment on Other Blog To Increase Alexa Rank

It is always better to comment on other blogs to get back links & traffic from your website link in comment. When you comment on a website it can be moderate by webmaster. Most of the time webmaster will visit your website to see your reputation. This will be treated as a visit & if it approve may other person commenting will come to see your site. In this way you will get the traffic.

7.) Share Your Posts on Social Media

Sharing your blog or website post on social media will also helpful for increasing alexa ranking. Every time when you publish a page or post on your website, share it on popular social media websites. You friends and relative added in your account visit your side with sharing link and further they can also share with their friend. Popular social media platform like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & many more.

8.) Update Your Blog Frequently To Increase Alexa Ranking

It has also seen that updating blog regularly boost alexa ranking. We also recommend you to publish new & unique content on daily basis to increase the search engine visibility. This will drive more traffic to your website and result in boost of alexa ranking.

9.) Start Guest Posting On Your Blog

Guest blogging is another method to increase blog traffic. Guest blogger may come with the new ideas & content. Their new ideas & content can bring new audience to your blog. Some times they may link your website with some other website on which they also publish articles. This will boost your page rank as well as alexa ranking.

10.) Ask your Firend to Review Your Alexa Website Profile

Many webmaster will saying that it some one publish review about your website than it will add some authority. Some also says that it will not help in any manner. You can ask your friend or relative to give some good reviews about your site at alexa website profile. This may help you to increase your ranking.

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