How To Edit PDF Files For Free, Freeware Software to Edit PDF Files

You are facing difficulty in editing PDF files? Do Not Worry! We will solve your problem and tell you how to edit PDF files for Free? We will explain you that how you can edit PDF files with freeware software. You don’t need to buy any expensive software to edit PDF files. PDF format was originally developed by Adobe. You can read PDF files with adobe reader (only read). It is free software and available for download at adobe website. Most of the times are PDF files are read-only files. There are so many ways to edit PDF files for free. To edit a PDF file you don’t need any commercial tool like Adobe Acrobat. You also don’t need the source file to edit PDF files. We had break the article in to four parts. First past will tell you how to edit PDF files online without Adobe Acrobat. Second part will guide you how to change Meta data associated with PDF file. Third part will guide you how to edit text in PDF file. Fourth & last part will guide you to edit images & text with advance tools.

How to edit PDF files online without Adobe Acrobat?

You can use the for some minor changes in the PDF file. You can use whiteout tool to hide some mobile number, date or any text. You can also custom shapes, text box, arrows and sticky notes.

With this tool, you can also add hyperlinks of other web documents or other PDF files. This tools id good for editing PDF files when require small changes. This tool is very powerful to edit PDF files online with any software installation on your computer.


How to Edit PDF Files, Online Freeware Software

Edit PDF files online by Cute PDF Editor. Cute PDF editor is online editor & you do not need to install any software. You just have to upload the file to edit it.

How to edit pdf files online for free

Edit PD Files Online with Cute PDF Editor

How to Edit PDF Files Meta Data?

BeCyPDFMetaEdit is freeware software to change the Meta data associated with PDF file. You have to install this software to change Meta data of PDF file. After installation you can edit Author name, Document Title, Date Created, Keywords etc.

We can also use this software to remove password from PDF files. You can also use this software to encrypt the PDF files and only user can read the file that has the password. PDF Meat Data & Bookmark editor can be executed from command line, so use can use this software to update PDF files in batch.

Meta Data is necessary, if you want to post your file on web. Proper Meta data only give him high ranking in search result.

How to Edit PDF Files Text?

There are two options to edit the text in the PDF file. First option is to convert the PDF document to Word Document or an Excel Sheet.  Second option is to install open office and import PDF file to edit.

You can convert PDF files to Word with free online tool from BCL Research & from Nitro PDF. BCL tool will provided you the converted file immediately. Nitro PDF can take any time from few minutes to a day. These are other free online Word to PDF converter are available. After editing the word documents you can use these Word to PDF converter to convert it back to PDF.

Second Option – Install Open Office from here. After installing Open Office, you will be able to import PDF file under Draw (in Power Point). Do the required editing and then export them back as hybrid PDF. Open Office is available for Windows including Windows 8 & Mac. Open Office will not have all the features of Adobe Acrobat but still good for basic editing.

How to Edit Images & Text in PDF Files? (Free Advance Editing Tools to Edit PDF Files)

We had explained the basic editing tool above. Now we explain the advance editing tool. These tools are also free and you expect more from these tools during editing a PDF file.

While using these tools, you can sign a PDF document, change the Picture /Image from PDF file and also remove block of text without breaking the structure of document.

PDF-XChange Viewer and Inkspace are tools you can use for editing PDF files. PDF-Xchanger is free PDF viewer but you can use this tool for directly typing the text in the documents. This tool also supports the image stamp. You can make an image with your sign & can use this tool for signing the documents.

Inkspace is a drawing tool like Adobe Illustrator that has the ability to import & export PDF document. In Inkspace you can easily select any object like image, text, table, graphic etc. After selecting, you can move it to different location in the document. You can also remove them permanently.

You can use Open Office Draw & PDF Import extension to edit PDF files. Open Office Draw supports the inline editing and you can easily change the text, text color, text size, font-family etc.

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