Google not indexing my website??

Google not indexing my Website??

Few years ago, I also had the same complaint that Google not indexing my website or my blog. After, reading several articles about the crawling and indexing of webpages I finally conclude that why Google not indexing my website.

Before starting to resolve the crawling & indexing issue, please note that most of the popular search engine including Google, Yahoo, Bing & Ask…….crawl almost every webpages but usually indexed only 40%-70% of the content  they crawl.

Crawling & indexing are the process which take time and lots of effort and also depend on the various factors.

Google Not Indexing my website

Google Not Indexing my website

What is crawling and what steps you can take so that Google crawl your website??

In very simple words crawling is a process to discover the new and update pages on the internet available for indexing. Google use algorithm (special computer program) to discover the new pages.

If your website is new or not properly crawl or indexing by Google, we highly recommend that you make a Google webmaster account and verify your site with Google Webmaster. Google webmaster is really a powerful tool which helps you to submit your webpages in the form of sitemap. You can also submit the single pages through “fetch as Google bot” option, available in webmaster tool.

There are so many options available to increase the performance of your site the search query.

Google bot is almost always present on the social media site like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and many more since thousands of pages created here in every minute.

So if you want that your page is easily discoverable by Google bot, share your content on the social media sites.

What is indexing and how to make sure that your website is indexed by Google??

In the above we have learn about crawling but how to make sure that your site is indexed and displayed in Google search result.

Indexing is a process to getting the information out from the massive & huge crawl data like location, key content tag, title tag, Meta tags, ALT attribute & so many things.  Indexing also include the selection the content & indexing those pages to appear in the search result. As many as information you have on your page you have the better chance to index your webpage.

Apart for above, Google has only one answer for the sure shot indexing of the pages and that is quality content.  Google usually indexed those pages on which content are new, fresh & unique.  For success and to index you webpages in search results, try to make your content as unique & fresh as possible.

Different ways for sitemap submission to get indexed:-

1.)    Create an account in Google Webmasters.  Add & verify your website.

2.)    Now, you can submit sitemap to tell Google that how much pages you have on your site. (prefer XML sitemaps since Google loves XML sitemaps)

3.)    If you are using blogger, so please note that each blog will maintain their site map automatically. For WordPress, you can use other plugin which create automatically sitemaps for you.

4.)     To Add a sitemap, Go to >>Optimization >>Sitemaps and on the right top please select the option “add/test” sitemap

For website owners:

5.)    Now add the path of sitemap present on your website and hit enter.  Sitemap of your website is submitted and now you can check back after 24 to 48 hours to see the updated status.

For WordPress blog owners with custom domain:

Now add the path of sitemap created by the sitemap generator plugin and hit enter.  Sitemap of your website is submitted and now you can check back after 24 to 48 hours to see the updated status.

For Google Blogger:

If you are using custom domain for blogger and you have up to 500 post the copy the below link and submit the sitemap:-


The above is the link of your blog atom page where all the posts are collected one by one & the sequence in which they are post.

You can submit more than 500 pages also. Webmaster tool can accept only up to 500 links in a single sitemap, so you have to create a new sitemap if you have more than 500 posts and the site map looks like below:-

Now you submit second sitemap as below:-


You can clearly see that the numbers are changed in the second sitemap & now they are starting from 501 to 1000.

In the same way 3rd & 4th lot like:



See the below video from matt cuts (Head of web spam at Google) differentiating about crawling & indexing……


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