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Some many keyword research tools are available on internet. Some keyword research tools are free and some are paid. Every tools claims to be best keyword research tool. Bing & Google also provide free keyword research tools for their registered users. We are using both Bing & Google keyword tool to optimize our website content. Today we explain the use of Google Keyword tool to optimize your website content.

Google Keyword Tool Powered by Google Adwords

Google has a powerful keyword research tool. To use the Google keyword tool you have to registered on Google Adwords. Sign-up on Google Adwords is free and anyone can sign-up for Google Adwords. After sign-up you can use the keyword tool for free. Only for advertisement you have to enter the payment details and start the campaign.

To use the Google Keyword Tool, Sign-in to Google Adwords and click on Tools & Analysis and then Keyword Tool.

Google Keyword Tool - Keyword research tools

Google Keyword Tool

After clicking in the keyword tool, you see a screen like below. You can enter the keyword in to the top most box and start search to see the global monthly search. There are so many options to choose from. You can also check for exact match. This tool can also give option to see the local monthly search. You can also see the search from mobile device and only from desktop. You can also see the approximate CPC per click. This CPC is for the advertiser who want to advertise, you income is approximately 40% of this value.

Google KeyWord Tool Google Adwords - Keyword research tools

Google KeyWord Tool Google Adwords

This tool is the best tool among the various tools present on the internet. This tool is free and provide the realistic stats.

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