[Solved] Process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly fix

While running the android emulator people getting the error “Unfortunately, Process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly”. Some people also noticed this error after upgrading their phone to latest android 4.3 (Jelly Bean). After Upgrade when they start their phone they see the error message “Process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly”. Some people also notice that when they receive the call either they get the block screen or screen with the error message “com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly”. All this problem have the simple solution. Solutions are different for every person facing this error message.

process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly

process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly

For Android Virtual Device (Emulator) – Error Process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly

You are thinking that error has occurred unexpectedly, but have you ever think that closing emulator while booting could be the reason. If you are tweaking AWD parameter & had set ARM emulator instead of x86 I, then we got your problem. For this solution is very simple. You have to delete the broken AVD from Eclipse (Android Virtual Device Manager) and again have to create the new AVD with the same settings. Now, new AVD should launch without any problem and you will be able to continue developing Android applications without any error message.

Some times it can also be happen due to not working of  emulator-arm.exe, in that case you have the two solution either correct the resolution of your screen or running emulator with 512 mb of RAM or less.

For resolution you can change it to 800×600 instead of any higher resolution will solve the problem. And for the memory limitation read this on stackoverflow.

For those who got error Process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly while receiving the calls

If your are facing the problem in receiving the calls and getting error message “Unfortunately, process com.android.process has stopped unexpectedly”. You can try the below solutions before doing factory reset for this problem.

Solution -1

-On Your Phone Home Screen, Tap the Menu Key.

-Then Tap Settings.

-Then Tap Call Settings (aka call, Phone, or Phone Settings).

-Tap Reject With Message (aka Ignore With Message).

Now check that how many default messages are there on this list. If you have more than 5, Then delete some messages until you have left with less then 5.


– On the Home Screen of your phone, Press Menu

– Now Tap Settings

– Now Tap Applications

– Tap Manage Applications

– Now at the Top, Tap the All tab

– Now Navigate to and tap your equivalent of the phone app (may be called phone or dialer)

– Tap Clear Cache and Clear Data as available

– Now Turn Your Phone off, then back on.

Now check that the problem still exists.  If yes, then in addition to clear the cache from phone app clear cache & data for contacts. Also, try to force close the following applications under running services.

– Google Service Framework

– Contacts

– Gmail

– Calendar

– All other mail & social media services (like facebook etc.)

This error is because of sync problem with Google services like Mail, Contacts, Calender etc. These solutions are a common fix  before doing the factory reset. (Before doing factory reset read the other solution and decide that you are ready for factory reset.)

You can also see this YouTube video for factory reset

Error Process Com.Android.Phone has stopped Unexpectedly while connecting to 3G/4G

We had see the many people also getting this error while they are connecting to 3G or 4G network. This issue is mostly faced in Android 4.3 Jelly bean. This is a known bug to android time and may be they will resolve this issue in next android release (4.4 – Android Kitkat). An Issue is created for Pepephone telecom user, who is getting the error “com.android.phone” because of their APN setting. They advice  to root the device & Push new APN settings to fix the error. You can see the this issue at Google Code. APN settings for Pepephone & other companies across the word provided there.

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